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nancytribe's Journal

The Nancy Tribe
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"Welcome to the nancy tribe." Giles, "Tabula Rasa".

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Nancy Tribe is now closed. It was a wonderful 18 and a bit months. Thank you so much for playing! Roleplay has rarely been so much fun.

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Our background is provided by theothermorgan, with thanks.

This is a Buffy spinoff roleplaying game, based after the end of series 7. The premise is that, after the destruction of the Council, the surviving members have formed a new Watchers Council in London. The game began 18 months after season 7 finished. This means that it is currently autumn 2005. Characters from either Buffy or Angel are welcome, but primarily we want original characters.

You can play up to two characters, and you must post or tag once a week. After that, anything goes. Just make sure your writing is consistent with what other people have written, and play nice. Thanks!

A note on "adult" material - this community is about adults, the supernatural, and slaying. Naturally, it therefore includes violence and sexual acts. I request that players put such material beneath lj-cuts, and that they mark such posts with a warning (a simple "contains explicit material" will suffice). Sex and violence should be included only to advance plot lines or character development.

Contact rachel2205 if you want to join, or join nancyooc and post an introduction to your character. Have a read through of old posts and look at the cast list below to get a feel for the game first.


Current situation
Enough is enough. Triffy has been sick for far too long, and now the Council are resorting to desperate measures to fix her wounded mind - magic. Willow and Tara's relationship is in deep trouble. Ethan has a new toy, but how will Ieuan react if Raoul doesn't go away soon? And David has received a blast from the past in the form of an unexpected visitor.

NPCs (These are characters who are occasionally mentioned, but who aren't played by anyone. Keep them in mind for reference):

Bryce Collins, Mariette Waterstone, Drake Lybdon - at council HQ
Timothy Williams, Gerald O'Leary, Laura Murphy - on duty in other parts of the United Kingdom
Michael Lewis - Russia
Rupert Giles - living in Europe

Faith - America
Buffy - Italy
At HQ - Naja (African, deceased - murdered by Melantha), Jerica (American), Brigid (Irish), Carla (English),
Julia (American, deceased), Matilde (German), Andra (Greek), Bryanne (Irish), Valerie (English), Bernadette (French)
Linda - a troubled slayer who recently died after taking Lynn hostage.

Staff at HQ:
Mrs Geraldine Brown, housekeeper.

Daniel "Oz" Osbourne, deceased.
Melantha, ancient vampire finally killed by Ieuan.
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