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(no subject) [Apr. 10th, 2005|07:34 pm]
The Nancy Tribe

The afternoon tea I went to with Arianna at Ethan and Ieuan's went well in my opinion, though I was a bit hesitant about going at all when I learned who Ieuan's Ethan was. I know Buffy would not be at all happy when I wrote about the tea and who had been there. But Ethan really was not that bad of a guy, in fact I think he was trying a bit hard to be extra pleasant to me. Though I am thinking I will have to return to Ieuan and Ethan's place in a day or so as I believe I left my denim blazer there.

I am also ecstatic, they went for it. Accepted Arianna and I both. Arianna said she would not return unless they took both of us, sort of a packaged deal and they actually consented, a bit reluctantly in my opinion, but they still agreed to it. I am actually going to be in training as a watcher.
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Hallelujah... [Apr. 7th, 2005|09:25 pm]
The Nancy Tribe

And from the shadows, you will awake, and greet the world with a new face. You will no longer see the faces that haunt you, hear the voices that stalk you, cry the tears that burn you. You will wave goodbye to the darkness, and in your fresh new face, you will smile. That will be your destiny: A new end to fit your whole new beginning. Awake.

The first thing I felt was the softness of the sheets on which I was sleeping. They were clean and fresh, yet warm enough to know I'd been sleeping in them for awhile. My eyes flickered open slowly and I looked around the room. There were flowers on my dresser and a few had spilled over onto the floor. I rolled over in the bed and turned to look out the window. I attempted to guess the time before glancing at the clock on the wall.

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(no subject) [Apr. 7th, 2005|04:46 pm]
The Nancy Tribe

I was frightened, I admit that. Nearly as scared as I was when we did the spell to get my memory back. More frightened, in some ways, because here it wasn’t my life on the line – it was Triffy’s.

Poor, sweet Triffy. I remembered her in the early days. How quiet she had been, how withdrawn, mourning the loss of her friend. She had begun to open up a little, even going out clubbing with Violet, but then that monster took her and stole her mind. I guess I felt for her particularly because of what had happened to me with Glory. Both of us were nearly destroyed by strong, mad women.

I, of course, was then saved by a strong, brave woman, but I couldn’t think about Willow and concentrate on the task at hand. Willow wasn’t here, and she might never be here again. I just had to hope that we all had enough magic to compensate.

I was a little comforted because Ieuan and Ethan would be there. They certainly knew their way around spells, and more importantly, the strength their love gave them made them formidable. But thinking of that made me sad again. Willow had stopped needing me to help her do magic a long time ago.

We had spent some time over the last few days preparing. Although our combined experience in magic was excellent, none of us had performed quite this kind of spell before, and we wanted to be thoroughly prepared. David had put Ieuan in charge of administering the group, and he did so with steely determination. Ieuan isn’t the kind of man to do things by halves, and he made us all work hard.

The spellCollapse )
I think Lynn came and took her away after that. I felt too exhausted to question. Indeed, I didn’t even make it out of the room, instead curling up on a sofa that had been pushed to the far end, and there I fell asleep. And have now awoken in the early evening to find that someone has placed a blanket over me.

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(no subject) [Mar. 24th, 2005|08:48 pm]
The Nancy Tribe

[mood |surprisedsurprised]

((Warning: this is VERY VERY long. You might want to read this for reference to understand what's going on!))

Autumn had slipped into winter almost without my noticing. The soft, damp air of October had cooled, grown sharper, and begun to settle into frost. In the mornings when I went to get my paper, my breath sometimes misted. Soon, on particularly wet mornings, my leg would ache, the cold seeping into the scars.

It had been a strange year.

Back in January, I would never have expected… Well, any of this. I found out the girl I was in love with was somebody else, and that I could never have her. I had sex with a man for the first time in ten years, and it made me realise that maybe I did have some things to be confident about, after all. And I realised that the person I really loved was someone I’d never seen eye to eye with, and who I’d once suspected of conspiring to steal my job. Throw into that a spell which turned me into my younger self for a night, and kidnapping and subsequent rescue of a slayer, and the horrible death of someone who made me question everything I knew about the Council, it is little surprise that I am so tired. And in no mood for further surprises.

A nice, quiet end to the year, that’s what I wanted. I’d booked a surprise for Lynn – a week in a beautiful Scottish castle for Christmas. Council connections are worth having in such situations. We’d sit by a log fire and drink whisky and draw comfort from one another. My dear Lynn needed a rest, that much I could see. She was stretched so thin that I feared she might snap.

Thinking about this, I made my way home and was soon settled into my study, The Sunday Times resting on my armchair for when I had finished my paperwork. I’d always said I’d never be the kind of man who worked at the weekend, but here I am, shuffling paper. And really, it’s not so bad.

There was a knock on the door.
“Come in,” I called, not looking up, as I was in the middle of wording a rather complicated letter in the demon tongue Kraal. Maybe I should have Ieuan look at it. I heard the door shut softly, and I looked up, and felt myself freeze.


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This takes place in Sean's brain, AFTER the whole fiasco with Sam and the Council Meeting [Mar. 17th, 2005|10:14 pm]
The Nancy Tribe

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(no subject) [Mar. 15th, 2005|07:20 pm]
The Nancy Tribe

I think I'm going to have to accept the fact that Willow isn't coming back.

Her phone calls have got fewer and further between, and when she does call she sounds so distant. I've asked her what she's doing over there, and she's cagey. Willow was never cagey with me, except about the magic. I don't think she's abusing that, but she doesn't want to share her life with me now. I'm excluded, and it hurts. Goddess, it hurts so much.

I've been trying to think about different things. David got me to do that spell, the one to see if Raven really was a slayer, and it turns out that she is. I'm wary of her. She has the air of a dangerous and graceful animal, like a panther. Yes, there is something panther-like about Raven. She is beautiful, but I wouldn't want to be in a room alone with her. However, I think it's right that we keep her here for now. I performed the binding spell to trap her. It won't last forever, but it'll do for now. David understandably doesn't want a vampire that powerful escaping.

Raven was introduced at the meeting (it was a bit like a Scooby meeting but with more people, and that got me to thinking about Willow again). Everyone was a bit suspicious, but they've accepted the idea of her being here. On the surface, at least. I don't know what they are thinking to themselves. But then, if I can't know what the person I love most is thinking, how can I say anything about anyone else?

It was agreed that Ieuan would be in charge of trying to cure Triffy. I had a few ideas, and was keen to share them with him. Everyone who had volunteered to help out had come to the library on a wet winter's day. We sat down as grey light streamed through the windows and rain pattered against the trees in the garden.

((Open to Ieuan and magically inclined people))
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(no subject) [Mar. 13th, 2005|02:23 pm]
The Nancy Tribe

I returned to my room at the university, setting my bag of groceries down on my bed. I walked over to my computer, switching it on, I let it get up and running while I returned to my bed. I took the things out from the bag, the bottles of water were put on the table near the window along with the large bag of tangy, cheese flavored potato chips. After taking the Snickers bar out of the bag I crumpled it up and tossed the crumpled up bag into the trash.

I unwrapped part of my Snickers, taking a bite of it as I sat down at the computer. I had decided to get on the net to check and see if I had any emails that needed to be read.

(Open to any)
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lonely girl pretty song... [Mar. 9th, 2005|05:01 pm]
The Nancy Tribe

triffy and randomness and flashbacksCollapse )
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[still at the meeting in the library...] [Mar. 2nd, 2005|05:18 pm]
The Nancy Tribe

[mood |boredbored]

still pondering...Collapse )

Speaking of vampires... 'Ethan made me promise I wouldn't forget to send his regards,' I told the vampire Slayer. Not a contradiction, a continuum -- again with the morally ambiguous. 'And he's genuinely sorry your un-life has been buggered.'

She looked a little puzzled, to me, when I first said it. 'Ethan Rayne?' I tried. 'He said he knew you, when I mentioned you at home. Or is it the part about Ethan being at home with a Watcher that threw you?'
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'Chips' flat and salty...not fat and fried.. [Mar. 2nd, 2005|12:43 am]
The Nancy Tribe

[mood |determined]

I’m starting to wonder if I made the right choice coming here. Every place I go I end up either lost or with something I didn’t want. I’ve been here for two weeks and I’m not having fun.

None whatsoever.

I have a nice roommate, she’s not so bad to be around but every time I tell her I have a craving for chips she goes and drags me off to McDonald’s. What the crap? When I say I want chips I want potato chips damnit!

The feeling that I’m going to have to call my mother to send me a care package – minus the care – has become more and more apparent each day. I’d kill someone for a blasted bag of honey BBQ chips.


One of the girls in the dorms was talking about this store up on Wiltshire that should have American food. A girl could only hope. Ohhh! Maybe they’ll have like real soda and stuff. I despise Coke, it’s way too fuckin’ sweet for me and it seems that’s the only fuckin’ thing they have here, it’s awfully sad.

Some of the things here make me realize the reason they always seem to be lush’s. If I have to be here much longer without getting a few things that I’m used too I’m going to be going to classes with vodka goggles.

Fixing my bag on my shoulder I head into the store, hoping to find something that reminded me of home and didn’t look or smell foreign.

I’m warning now, if I ask someone where the chips are here and they send me to the produce, someone is ending up with a bloody nose.

[Open to anyone that would be around]
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