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[Apr. 20th, 2005|03:19 pm]
The Nancy Tribe


What an exciting, busy and stressful couple of weeks!

Dean's brief appearance in my life had knocked me for six. It was all I could think about for a week. Luckily Lynn was busy and so didn't quiz me on why I was so distracted. It wasn't that I was thinking about him romantically, but seeing him had dredged up the past. I'd let a lot of things lie for a long time, and now the water was full of silt. It was hard to see through that.

After a few days, however, things had settled down again and I felt calmer. It was hard to get over my guilt for misjudging Dean for so long, but what could I do about it now? We'd left each other on good terms. Absently I put a finger to my lip, remembering his last kiss. A kiss more of lost passion than passion renewed. I was glad I had had it, and now I could move on.

This year had been a time when I had got over a lot of my wounds, it seemed. Now it was drawing to a close. It was Christmas Eve, and tonight Lynn and I would be going up to Scotland to stay in a very beautiful castle. She didn't know that yet, though. I'd left it until the last minute, because if I'd told her before she would have protested about all the urgent meetings she had to go to. Well, she was having Christmas off and that was that. I hope she enjoyed it, because I was certain I was going to. I'd checked the weather forecast, and although London was quite mild, up there it was snowing. I hadn't had a white Christmas since my childhood - snowfall over here tended to happen in February, which always disappointed the newly arrived slayers who seemed to have got all their ideas about England from Love Actually.

I'd packed a bag and arranged for one of our drivers to take us to the airport. There was no way I was driving for 10 hours on Christmas Eve! I looked at the clock. It was still pretty early. Lynn had been up late at a meeting with some demons last night, so she was still asleep in her own room. I slipped in and left a note on her pillow telling her to pack a bag, but she'd have to wait to find out what we were doing.

Smiling to myself, I decided to get a newspaper to read on the plane. I walked down the street to our local newsagents. I chatted with the owner for a while, then picked up my copy of The Times and started walking home. Crossing the road, I was humming happily when I heard a squeal of brakes.

My body was flying through the air. I felt no pain, only shock. He was driving the wrong way! I thought vaguely as I tumbled...

... and