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Goodnight... [Jul. 4th, 2005|10:27 pm]
The Nancy Tribe

I sit at my desk in the Council, the same desk I have occupied for years, and watch the slate grey sky yield a soft flurry of snowflakes. In the distance I can hear the hum of cars on busy London streets. Soon it will be dark, and my lamp will pool orange onto my desk as I work. Not so long into the night as I once would have done, though. A lot of things have changed in the eight years since my coma.

I swam through strange seas in my dreams. My memories of that time are liquid, green, hard to picture; I heard echoes sounding in the deep, voices calling to me from outside my sick bed, but I could not reach them. I was lost, trapped in my own body, my consciousness plunged deep down inside me. Only Tara’s magic kept my alive. Tara’s magic that nearly killed her. I was held by a thread, a glimmer of light that stopped me drowning in the dark, but I could not tug too hard on it and escape my prison without hurting her. I knew this, dimly. She and I were tied by magic, and it would take great risk to separate us.

Willow did it eventually. Of course she did – she’s the most powerful witch who has ever lived, although I would still hesitate to say “the greatest”. She doesn’t yet have wisdom enough for that. But she worked out how to bring us both out of the darkness without killing us, and for that I will always be grateful.

I surfaced in late January, my first thought, absurdly, being that I had wasted the deposit on the hotel for Christmas. I gasped and blinked, adjusting to this new-old world above the surface, and Lynn leaned in. Her tears made her kiss watery, taste like the sea. I put my dry hand to her wet cheek and felt all at once how short life was, how little I should take for granted, I who had now cheated death for the second time.

Three months later I asked Lynn to be my wife. Somewhat to my surprise, she accepted. Considering we’d been together for less than a year, you could say we rushed. But I was 36. How much longer did I have to have the family I wanted? I’d always wanted to be married, and I hoped to have children. If I left it any later, I might end up as one of the Council’s scores of sad old bachelors. Maybe Lynn felt the same way; we didn’t really talk about it. But we married soon afterwards. No big do, just a quiet day. It drizzled. My new shoes pinched. And Lynn looked as beautiful as I’ve ever seen her.

Is she my true love? Probably not. Am I hers? I don’t think so. We’ve never had the wild passion I had with Asha, or that I suspect she had with Scott. But those loves ended, and not well. What we have is deep, and strong, and quiet. I rely on her and she, my independent Lynn, on me. I find comfort in her beauty and her mind, and that is enough. That is more than enough.

Lynn stopped using contraception a few months after the wedding. Nothing happened, however. I got used to waiting with gritted teeth for the disappointing moment when Lynn would appear from the bathroom, saying tersely that her period had started. After a while we thought we should forget about it. Maybe we’d missed our chance. And then, when I was 40, it happened. The thin blue line. Now we have a daughter. We’d called her Linda. A funny choice, perhaps, as Linda put Lynn in hospital, but it reminds us of our sins, and of our duty to make sure little girls like ours never face the horrors that older Linda did. Our daughter is four now, and very beautiful, and clever, and all those clichés that parents spout. She will start school soon, and will succeed at everything, I’m sure. Already she has her mother’s steely will.

After my accident, I downsized my work. Lynn became the co-head of the Council, not my deputy. She took on all the business aspects and I focused entirely on supervising the training of the slayers. We had some drama with the vampire Raven du Coeur, who turned out to be even more evil than I might have suspected, but that was all resolved in the end, though not, sadly, without some deaths.

We have lost a number of slayers, though not all to death. Some have chosen to leave the Council. Many, however, have stayed with us and flourished. Now we have official Council offices all over the world again, training hundreds of girls. Only 10 bases so far, but in the next decade I expect that to increase to 30. Sean Donovan, for instance, once a rather unstable young man, is now a good watcher, leading the China branch. I pretend not to know about his relationship with the fiery slayer Sam, probably one of the most on-off romances of the decade. Ieuan, of course, is in charge of the Welsh office.

Ah, Ieuan. I do not see so much of him these days, but he’s often in my thoughts. Impossibly handsome, impossibly clever, and of course just impossible, who could forget him? He spends plenty of time in London too, of course, as I can’t see Ethan ever settling down as a boyo in the Welsh countryside. To be frank, despite his nationalism, I can’t see Ieuan doing it either. He saunters in and out of the office on occasion. I would, I think, call him a friend, though never to his face. That’s not how we work.

There are a few others still in London, too. When Violet hit 30 she took advantage of the slayer retirement plan that I set up, although I’m sure she still slays on the quiet. Still bubbly and energetic, she finally found herself a nice man. They live a rather unconventional life in South London, but she’s often here to see Tara.

Tara. My lovely Tara. I don’t love her romantically anymore, of course, but I will always care for her. How could I not? After the spell she performed, we were closer than ever. We’d shared a lifeline for a month, after all. Her near-death experience made Willow realise that she wasn’t ready to risk losing her again, and so they patched things up. They spend part of the year in California and part of it here. A few years ago they took advantage of the Civil Partnerships Act and registered their relationship. The reception was held here, in the Council garden. It was a lovely day. Dawn Summers was here, as she often is, although after graduating she moved back to the States. Triffy was also here. It’s become apparent to me that Scott is in love with her, and she with him. Maybe next time she comes back from Chile something will happen. I won’t stop them. It’s a taboo, but I’ve seen too many people hurt to now grudge others a little happiness.

I sit at my desk, ruminating over what has gone. A small figure bursts through the door. Linda, back from playschool. She wants to know if I will come help her do some painting. In a minute, sweetheart, I tell her, and she bustles out, her earnest efficiency so like her mother’s that it makes me smile amusedly. I look out of the window, at my 10 year old view, and think that despite everything I am a lucky man.

Standing, I head to the door and turn off the lights.
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(no subject) [May. 20th, 2005|11:09 pm]
The Nancy Tribe

Once I calmed down...which took about a week, I started thinking.
I've got to just put everything aside.
I have to just control myself and think about work.
Just.. work.
I have to focus.

Some part of me doesn't understand what happened.
That stupid, naive part. The part that just can't grip onto reality.

And there is the rest of me..
The part that just wants to keep kicking myself.
How STUPID could you have been?!??

I don't really understand how she used me. Or moreover, WHY.
You'd think, that after all that's happened.. I'd be used to it.

But I'm not.
I'm still searching for affection. And, quite frankly, I'm tired of it.
I need something to DO in this hellhole. And that, with my chosen career of choice, would be..what?

I need a Slayer.
Since David was currently out of commission, that left Lynn or Ethan as second in command. Not really wanting to talk to Ethan unless I had to, I went to Lynn's office instead.
Knocking politely on the door, I said softly, "It's Sean. Have you got a moment?"

((Open for Lynn))
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(no subject) [May. 5th, 2005|10:05 pm]
The Nancy Tribe

Why am I so good at what I do? Is it because my training started an nine years old? Is it because I studied under some of the greatest fighters in the world? Is it because I've had plenty of chances to use these skills, offensive and defensivley? Hell, it may well be that when I get bored, I train. I train and train and train. The classes here don't move fast enough for me, I have to make it through the rudimentary classes before stepping up to the weapons I long to learn how to work with. Crossbows, axes, swords...

I figure if I get real impatient, I can always find a clearing in the woods somewhere and teach myself. I bet I could learn how to throw an axe. I was going stir crazy in that room, and Sean had dissapeared off to parts unknown, so no chance of resolving that...issue. I changed into a snug tank top and skin tight pants that came to a flare at the bottom with a comfortable pair of black tennis shoes for my feet. I put my hair up in a ponytail and headed down to one of the training rooms, the first empty one I found. It looks almost like a dance studio, mirrors on the walls and mats on the floors, but it's filled with other things, a punching bag, dummies, and a balance beam amoung other things.

I set my things on the floor and walk to the far side of the room, making very sure no one's looking before standing stalk still and closing my eyes, taking a long moment to balance and find my center.

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(no subject) [Apr. 28th, 2005|10:45 pm]
The Nancy Tribe
This case was one of the stranger ones I'd had lately, which, working in central London, was saying something.

Apparently, this guy - David Godolphin - got run down on a Bayswater street. Bayswater is quite posh, not usually the sort of place for a hit and run. His friend found him, ran inside and promptly collapsed. I would have said I thought she'd got hit, too, but there was no sign of damage on her except a little bleeding from her mouth. She'd bitten into her tongue hard.

Now they were both unconscious. This made sense for Mr Godolphin - he'd suffered serious head trauma. I was amazed his neck wasn't broken, considering the speed the police said he must have been hit at. He'd been thrown thirty feet. He had a broken leg and some cuts, but aside from that he was pretty ok, body wise. It was too early to say if he'd been brain damaged, though. There was some swelling around his brain, which was to be expected...

It was Tara Maclay who really puzzled me. Not a scratch on her, although the palms of her hands did seem almost... burned. How was that possible? And the bitten tongue suggested to me either that she'd been jarred hard and had bitten down on it accidentally, or that she'd bitten it because of some great pain.

They'd both been under for twelve hours now. And this - this was the weirdest thing. When we tried to move them more than a few feet apart, their heart rates faltered. I thought I was imagining it at first, but it kept happening. So they're side by side now. I don't understand it. But something I've learned whilst being a doctor is that there's a hell of a lot I don't understand - and sometimes it's better that way. Sometimes it's best not to ask too many questions.

I glanced at my watch. Just enough time for a cigarette break. I stepped outside and lit up, leaning against the wall and taking deep drags. You'd think being a doctor I'd know better, but sometimes the thought of my cigarette break is all that gets me through a shift.

((Open for anyone who might be visiting David/Tara))
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Death and Disconnection [Apr. 28th, 2005|12:12 am]
The Nancy Tribe

Since the meeting I hadn’t really been in the mood to be around people. I became a slayer only, going out at night, dispatching vampires, demons, anything I could get my hands on that seemed to be up to no good. I didn’t care, didn’t feel, didn’t think, just went out, hunted, stalked, killed, slayed. I found peace in it, the dance, the game, the kill, twirling and twisting against them, dodging and thrusting, and knowing that I’d win. I always did. I went out alone and I beat them, no matter how strong or how many, I didn’t care. The truth is, I didn’t care if I didn’t win, I wasn’t connected, I couldn’t even help Triffy, I was too connected to strands that had hurt her, and yet, I wasn’t connected at all. I avoided Tara, and she avoided me, it was awkward, we’d both been drunk, and had kissed, but we both know her feelings lay with Willow, and I wasn’t about to try and get in the way. The weeks passed in the same haze, slaying, sleeping late, breakfast in the afternoon, and then training until I went out once the darkness fell, it was winter, so darkness fell early, and lasted a long time, I left when it dropped and returned when it broke. I ate my dinner when I returned, eating the leftovers of last nights evening meal, devouring whatever was there, I’d worked up and appetite after all.

They healed Triffy and still I continued my rituals, from all accounts she didn’t really remember much of what had gone on in the last year, and I guess I didn’t want to remind her, or perhaps I didn’t want to remind myself, I didn’t have a watcher, I trained alone, and hunted alone, I was old enough to look after myself I would remind anyone who dared to speak to me and that would keep them away. I didn’t need anyone, and no-one needed me, sure, I was a good fighter, but no-one would notice if I disappeared, there were plenty more girls to take my place, the balance wouldn’t shift if one time I didn’t return... I always did though, always did.

Goodbye to Jeremy, (Adult Content)Collapse )

That night changed me, it brought me back from the self-imposed loneliness, shook me up and little by little I started reforming relationships. I started taking small groups of slayers into the library and teaching them things; they had their official lessons of course, but I had experience of actually doing it, and I would talk to them, show them pictures of demons I’d fought. I also trained in the cellars with some, sparred, attacked and counter-attacked. I started connecting with things again, connecting with people. I guess I have Jeremy to thank for that.
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(no subject) [Apr. 22nd, 2005|01:15 pm]
The Nancy Tribe

After Willow’s phone call I had headed out to the Council’s garage. David stresses how much less extravagant the Council is these days; looking at the row of gleaming cars, I had to wonder what it was like before.

I was going to meet Willow at the airport. Willow, who I wasn’t sure I’d ever see again. And on Christmas Eve of all days. It was… mind boggling. To think that only a couple of days ago I’d been talking to Dawn and telling her I didn’t think Willow would come back. A horrible thought struck me. Maybe Willow was only coming over here to tell me it was over. Well, at least she would say it to my face. It would be terrible, but it would be better than just never hearing from her again.

There was no point wondering about this; I’d see her soon enough and the waiting would be over. I picked out one of the smaller cars. I’d never really driven much, and certainly not in London. Perhaps I should find the chauffeur. Then I remembered he probably had the day off because it was Christmas Eve. It would be wrong to disturb him.

I headed out of the driveway, driving carefully. A little further up the road I heard a screech of tyres, and a moment later a car sped past me, driving down the wrong side of the road. Maybe it was an American who hadn’t remembered the British drive on the left. Anyway, it was very dangerous and it was lucky I had room to move out of the way, or we would have crashed. Goddess, what an idiot. I hope he didn’t –

My thoughts were cut off when I noticed something lying in the road. Something that looked a lot like a person. I parked the car, not even bothering to switch off my engine, and raced down the road.

Oh Goddess.

Oh Goddess, it was David.

David, crumpled in the road, blood pooled around him.

“Oh no oh no oh no,” I murmured, kneeling beside him. His neck was twisted at a terrible angle. His eyes stared upwards. I put my fingers to his throat. No pulse. “Don’t be dead, David, don’t, please,” I hissed. I felt sick. His injuries looked terrible, probably fatal. Unless…

I could fix him. I could. I had helped save Triffy. Surely I could fix a few bones?

Taking a deep, shuddering sigh I placed one hand on his chest and another on his head. I closed my eyes, pressing my fingers into his skin. I could feel blood coating them. This was good, in a way.
“My life, be your life.” I concentrated, feeling small cuts open in my hands. I winced at the pain. I invoked the healing gods, asking them to use my energy to save David. It was a little risky – I might give too much – but it was all I could think of. I felt my blood pulse out of my hands, pooling onto David, the spiritual energy contained therein feeding into his own blood, reviving his system. I was trembling. My hands were getting hotter and hotter, and I felt that I would faint. I couldn’t. I had to stay focused. I tried to keep chanting, but the pain in my hands was terrible.

There was a click as his neck bones shifted back together. I could sense them fusing into place. As I did that, his heart gave one great, loud thump. The blood between us vibrated. And then I could hold on no longer.

I stood up dizzily. David was still very badly injured, I could see that, but I had fixed the worst of it. That was something.

“Ambulance, need an ambulance,” I murmured, my legs shaking. I headed back down the road to the Council, my whole body feeling like I was moving through water. The world swam, the shape of things blurring.

I pushed open the door. The floor tipped beneath me and I had to steady myself against the wall. After far too long I managed to find my way into the library. There were always people there.

“David,” I said. People looked up, wide-eyed. I supposed I was covered in blood. “David. Accident. He’s… Oh Goddess, he’s still in the road!” My eyes widened. “You have to…” But I couldn’t speak. The room was spinning. I felt my legs go from under me.

((Open to anyone!))
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(no subject) [Apr. 20th, 2005|03:19 pm]
The Nancy Tribe

What an exciting, busy and stressful couple of weeks!

Dean's brief appearance in my life had knocked me for six. It was all I could think about for a week. Luckily Lynn was busy and so didn't quiz me on why I was so distracted. It wasn't that I was thinking about him romantically, but seeing him had dredged up the past. I'd let a lot of things lie for a long time, and now the water was full of silt. It was hard to see through that.

After a few days, however, things had settled down again and I felt calmer. It was hard to get over my guilt for misjudging Dean for so long, but what could I do about it now? We'd left each other on good terms. Absently I put a finger to my lip, remembering his last kiss. A kiss more of lost passion than passion renewed. I was glad I had had it, and now I could move on.

This year had been a time when I had got over a lot of my wounds, it seemed. Now it was drawing to a close. It was Christmas Eve, and tonight Lynn and I would be going up to Scotland to stay in a very beautiful castle. She didn't know that yet, though. I'd left it until the last minute, because if I'd told her before she would have protested about all the urgent meetings she had to go to. Well, she was having Christmas off and that was that. I hope she enjoyed it, because I was certain I was going to. I'd checked the weather forecast, and although London was quite mild, up there it was snowing. I hadn't had a white Christmas since my childhood - snowfall over here tended to happen in February, which always disappointed the newly arrived slayers who seemed to have got all their ideas about England from Love Actually.

I'd packed a bag and arranged for one of our drivers to take us to the airport. There was no way I was driving for 10 hours on Christmas Eve! I looked at the clock. It was still pretty early. Lynn had been up late at a meeting with some demons last night, so she was still asleep in her own room. I slipped in and left a note on her pillow telling her to pack a bag, but she'd have to wait to find out what we were doing.

Smiling to myself, I decided to get a newspaper to read on the plane. I walked down the street to our local newsagents. I chatted with the owner for a while, then picked up my copy of The Times and started walking home. Crossing the road, I was humming happily when I heard a squeal of brakes.

My body was flying through the air. I felt no pain, only shock. He was driving the wrong way! I thought vaguely as I tumbled...

... and

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(no subject) [Apr. 15th, 2005|10:30 pm]
The Nancy Tribe

I dressed in a comfortable button-up shirt, untucked against my better judgement.
A nice pair of charcoal grey dockers would contrast well with the navy of the shirt.

I wore dark tennis shoes, in case things did get nasty, and I had a few spells aligned in my head, one for protection..four more to create carnage, if need be.
And one for a quick escape. Though..that one might kill me.. so I dared not use it unless I had to.

The place I had picked for us to go to wasn't far from the Council, in case larger help was needed. I still don't know who or what is after Sam, but I was making damn sure they didn't get too close.

I also had a stake, but knowing Sam, I shouldn't need one.

Ever since Triffy's healing, I've been more sure of myself. I managed to pull through, and things were definitely looking up.
I felt much better about what I could do, but ever since then I DID know my limits. (Boy did I.. you'd think sleeping for damn near a week would do it!)

In any case, I knew which room number was hers. I double-checked, wallet, keys. Me? Ah, all there.

'Okay Sean..stop stalling. You'll be late..'
Clearing my throat, and making very sure that I wouldn't lose what was left of my lunch, I proceeded to walk out the door.

Before I knew it, I was in front of another, more important one. I knocked, hoping for the best..

((Open to Sam!))
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There and back again [Apr. 16th, 2005|01:45 pm]
The Nancy Tribe

[mood |anxiousanxious]

Maybe I should have called Tara before coming back. But it was sort of a snap decision, you know? As in, I snapped. Hiding in the USA and avoiding calling her again, scared that out next conversation would be her telling me that we were over, that she couldn't take this anymore... The thing is? I wouldn't blame her. I'd have to step back and let her just... go. The horrible premonition that this would happen kept recurring in my daydreams, so... I was being avoidance girl.

Up to the point that I was back in the UK with a suitcase next to me and I had told no onme about it, let alone Tara. I'd call a taxi. Yeah. Or I could just call Tara. Gods. Dragging my suitcase over to the pay phone, I put in some coinage and my finger hovered over the numbers. Just call her. Just call her. Let her come and pick you up and you can put all the pieces back together. Or... call a taxi.

It was a few seconds later that I had dialled, listening to the ring on the other end. Hopefully she'd pick up.

(Open to Tara - she doesn't have to pick up unless you want her to, Rach)
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(no subject) [Apr. 12th, 2005|03:22 pm]
The Nancy Tribe

It's so boring here. I thought maybe living in a house full slayers would be like it was living at the base, someone tracking you down with a task atleast every other day, and spending the remainder of my time cradled in the lap of luxury, doing my hair and painting my nails or whatever. Well this is different. Nobody's around, and here my slayer powers aren't special or unique, they don't really make me important at all. And that's the bulk of what I feel. Unimportant.

I got used to being revered, feared, challenged...and now I'm right back at square one, normal. Not that all of these girls are as well trained as I am, I'd say maybe ten percent of them could last a couple minutes in a fight with me. But the fact is, they could. They're just as strong and just as fast.

I haven't seen hide nor hair of that Sean guy I nearly got killed. Ha, as if that was a suprise. Sorry you got sliced open, but most my dates do, ya know...oh by the way did I mention my dad's the head of a government conspiracy and he's trying to kill me? No wonder they never call.

I'm in one of those moods where I'm in danger of breaking furniture or setting something afire out of boredom. Maybe it's not a good idea to hang out around here when I'm like this...I leave my room and head down the hall, intent on going out.

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